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It’s a well-versed fact that hiring process is one of the most complicated and time consuming tasks for all the employers. WOW Group’s hiring solutions makes it easier for you to find the right quality candidates in an efficient manner. Our industrial coverage and technical resources aims to simplify your hiring process. We promise to deliver nationwide reach and faster hiring’s in all our service areas.

Our Specialties


Interactive Voice Response Adobe Experience Management Beauty & Fitness
Engineering Information Technology Digital Marketing
Finance and Accounting Healtdcare Administration

Interactive Voice Response

Several BPO, KPO, LPO, Banking and Medical Institutions are reliant on IVR systems for customer support. We cater the hiring needs of these entities using IVR Technology as they are frequently rich in resource requirements for high volume customer engagement. In order to enjoy disruptive supply of service, you can always rely on our broad network of resources that specialize in various IVR domains including Voice Overs, CTI, VOIP and VXML

We specialize in the following IVR disciplines:
IVR Developer IVR Engineer VXML Software Programmer
IVR Manager VOIP Developer CTI Analyst
Voice Over Artist IVR Programmer VOIP Engineer
CVP Developer IVR Tester VOIP Analyst
Voice Over Editor IVR Testing Engineer VOIP Architect

Adobe Experience Manager

AEM is a comprehensive digital asset and content management solution that is mostly used for building websites, mobile apps and forms. We have resources with specialized AEM capabilities who are ready to design, develop, document, implement and test AEM based components using AEM product suite that includes Adobe CQ, CRX, CQ WCM and DAM. We comprehend to all your resource requirements linked with AEM.

We specialize in the following AEM disciplines:
Adobe Experience Manager AEM Engineer AEM Architect
AEM Quality Assurance AEM Lead Developer AEM Consultant
AEM Engineer AEM Test Automation AEM Admin Consultant
AEM Integration Developer AEM Engineering Manager AEM Content Autdor
Adobe CQ Software Engineer Adobe CQ Developer Adobe CQ Consultantt

Beauty & Fitness

WOW Group uses a combo of simple and powerful techniques to organize the resources of beauty & fitness industry for you. We have explored the high potential of immense opportunities that are just waiting to be discovered in this sector. Thousands of professionals have come on-board with us, who are willing to offer their branded services. Just by leveraging our technology, we have empowered these professionals to work on your terms.

We specialize in the following Beauty disciplines:
Makeup Artist Hair Stylist Beautician
Nail Artist Hair Dresser Manicurist
Pedicurist Masseuse Beauty Therapist
Spa Artist Product Marketing Manager Gym Trainer
Assistant Manager Beauty Advisor Salon Trainer
Beauty Consultant Hair Experts Personal Trainer
Beauty Counselor Salon Manager Merchandiser


Every engineering project requires a master who is not only cost-wise effective but also quality-wise efficient. We realize that in the upcoming scenario, engineers will be in great demand in various fields for their special skills of planning, analysis, designing, development and evaluation. WOW Group has been deploying its recruitment experts in different market dimensions to gather the best profile of engineers that suits your industry. For the success of every project, our staffing team focuses on some of the most credible candidates of engineering sector.

We specialize in the following engineering disciplines:
Architectural Chemical Civil
Construction Electrical Electronics
Forensics Logistics Industrial
Mechanical Structural Supply Chain

Information Technology

Choosing the right IT professional is one of the most essential element for industries completely driven by technology. WOW Group has always supported the recruitment needs of IT industry nationwide. With advance digital strategies, remodeled operations and technological support, we intent to master the domain of staffing as well as consulting services for IT sector.

We have a broad network of fresh as well expert professionals from different IT dimensions. Our recruitment activities are not limited to delivery of IT resumes only. Instead we make sure to train our team to be technically sound for application of precise recruitment practices. We not only assess the credibility of candidates based upon their intellectual and soft skills but we also consider their work preference and experience, in order to match their suitability for the required job role

We specialize in the following IT disciplines:
Embedded Engineer Frontend Engineer Hardware Engineer
Backend Engineer Data Engineer Full Stack Engineer
Machine Learning Engineer Mobile Engineer Security Engineer
AR/VR Engineer Blockchain Engineer Computer Vision Engineer
Gaming Engineer NLP Engineer Search Engineer
Business Systems Engineer NOC Engineer Network Engineer
Solutions Engineer Build/Release Engineer Operations Engineer
Application Engineering Manager Data Infrastructure Manager Site Reliability Engineer
Machine Learning Manager Mobile Engineering Manager Search Engineering Manager
Product Manager Program Manager Project Manager
DevOps Engineer DevOps Manager  
Graphic Designer Product Designer Brand Designer
UX Researcher UX Designer Visual/UI Designer
Product Manager Program Manager Project Manager
Data Analyst Data Scientist Business Analyst
QA Test Automation Engineer QA Manual Test Engineer QA Manager
Product Manager Program Manager Project Manager
Database Administrator Network Administrator Systems Administrator

Digital Marketing

The business world is in constant need of marketing talent. In today’s digital era, WOW Group understands that every corporation must use some or the other digital marketing tool and platform for their business success. Sometimes, it can be quiet difficult to find a marketing talent that fits your team. Therefore with our bird’s eye view, we source the best digital marketers for our clients. Our personnel portfolio has some of the proficient talents who well-versed in multiple tools of online marketing

We specialize in the following Digital Marketing disciplines:
Search Engine Marketing Social Media Marketing Online Advertising
Bulk Email Marketing Brand Management Affiliate Marketing
Content Marketing Lead Generation Data Analytics

Finance & Accounting

The department Finance and Accounting is necessary for every business. Only the right people knows the correct tactics of running the F&A processes. We know that every business sector demands appropriate professional knowledge and skill holders to manage the operations. WOW’s strength is built upon its delivery capabilities wherein we aim to provide expert as well as fresh F&A professionals based upon your need and requirement.

We have experts in several areas of accountancy and financial management like financial modeling, reporting, budgeting, GAAP and IFRS analysis, SOX and regulatory compliances, risk management, financial advisory, restructuring and mergers and acquisitions. You can always rely on our robust pool of professional candidates for any opening.

We specialize in the following Finance and Accounting disciplines:
Stock Broker Finance Executive Financial Planning Manager
Collection Executive Finance Manager Financial Services
Collection Officer Financial Advisor Investment Banker
Controller Financial Analyst Risk Management
Corporate Finance Financial Consultant Senior Financial Analyst
Equity Dealer Financial Controller Tax Manager
Account Assistant Audit Manager Assistant Accountant
Cost Accountant Audit Senior Internal Auditor
Accounting Manager Auditor Junior Accountant
Accounts Executive Billing Coordinator Management Accountant
Accounts Officer Billing Executive Senior Accountant
Accounts Payable Chartered Accountant Tally Operator
Accounts Receivable Company Accountant Tax Accountant


Health sector entirely depends up on the quality of healthcare professionals. Every healthcare unit requires placement of knowledgeable resources for diagnosis, treatment, support, administration and allied health fields. One of our specialized taskforce is entirely dedicated for healthcare, wherein they closely work for small as well as big healthcare organizations to understand, analyze and meet their critical staffing and consulting needs.

Leveraging our capabilities and expertise, we have managed to build an extensive network of healthcare professionals. WOW’s national presence and customized approaches makes it an ideal choice for professional hunt

We specialize in the following Healthcare disciplines:
Doctors Therapist Nurse
Associate Specialist Medical Assistant Lab Technician
Research Medical Coding Personal Trainer
Dietician Medical Consultant Pharmacist
Administration Diagnostic Specialists Health Technologist


It is important for every organization to place an appropriate administrative human resource who actively participate in running and management of business operations. WOW Group prides in supplying the finest staffing services that aims to meet your typical as well as special resource needs of administrative sector. We have a complete list of administrative executives who are profiled based up on the nature of business and operational requirement of clients. We offer qualified candidates that will definitely thrive in your work roles and environment.

We specialize in the following administrative disciplines:
Human Resourcesr Finance & Accounting Sales & Marketing
International business Computer Science General Management
E-commerce Procurement Logistics


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